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Last night I was involved in a traffic accident a little more serious than a fender-bender. Let's call it a fender crusher. But as the little push I was given could have resulted in me being pushed into a moving stream where much more serious damage could have occurred, I am somewhat shaken, hence the tone of the earlier posts this morning. Hope they were somewhat coherent. Just keep me in mind today please for serentiy and coherence. Thanks.

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Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with you. Something similar happened to my mother several years ago -- that's the kind of event that will put the rest of your life in perspective very quickly. I hope that you and your family are given much peace.

Praying, Steven......

Thanks be to God that you were not pushed into the flow and seriously injured!!! We will pray for you. Time will help you settle down. Here's a (((((((((HUG))))))))))


About two years ago I was on a four-lane divided road with traffic lights. Two kids in the car with me. The light was green, I looked down for what seemed like just a moment. I looked up. The light was red, it was too late to stop, and cars were pulling out to make their left turn. Fortunately the car I was driving was far more competent than me, and I swerved left, went around the other cars, and swerved back right just before hitting the median at high speed. It was completely my fault, and four or more people almost died.

I'm glad you are OK Steven, and my prayers are with you.

So glad you are still on this side of the grass, Steven. Prayers for your continued healing and peace of mind.

Good Heavens, Steven! I hate to think of anything like this happening to a friend. How perfectly dreadful. Thank God your guardian angel was looking out for you, and you weren't seriously injured.

Prayers for your continued safety and health.

That's always scary Steve. Glad you are okay and hope your car situation is okay too!



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