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Every now and then, despite the better powers that drive me, I end up making some stupid or overstated remark, usually on matters about which I know nothing. And more and more recently those matters expand to encompass nearly everything. I really have no standing to say anything about war in the Middle East, aesthetics, morality, philosophy, or, in fact anything except what I like or don't like. And perhaps it would be wise for me to remember this is the future before making any more such remarks.

But then, I wouldn't be being me--overreactive, bristly, and perversely irritated by nearly everything. And perhaps taking a vacation from me would serve both me and the blog community well. A little more humility, a lot more restraint. It's one of the reasons for so many reviews recently. I can't think of any other way to at once say something and not make a complete fool of myself.

So this is by way of apology and entreaty--I'm sorry, I have said, I say, and I will say stupid things--overgeneralizations--I am not one for making very fine distinctions--it isn't the way I think about things--I think in broad strokes in the generalizations that hold things together. It isn't an excuse, it's an explanation. I will try to curtail these sorts of remarks. Of course, if offensive, they are easily enough skipped--but it were better that they were never made in the first place. I won't promise anything because my restraint is poor (I'll blame that on Linda's absence as well), but just don't take anything I say too seriously--always consider the source.

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Steven, dude, lighten up. We love you, man!

I would reiterate what Zippy said -- to lighten up. Your candor,honesty and writing style are refreshing.

I just can't believe that our tears for that precious little girl are wasted. I must believe that God uses our tears to wash away some of the evil soot that stains us and the world. This war has brought to mind that Jeremiah's lamentations to God were not wasted, even though God answered him (and I cannot give you a scriptural cite right now) to the effect that "you had better get used to it, because that is the way things are and they will probably get worse." I think it is significant that God didn't offer Jeremiah any theological explanation for the heinous atrocities that were occurring.

God bless you and your family.


What Psalm 41 said.

I am beginning to think we can trust the Lord and His Spirit to make use of even the worst of our faults to further His purpose. As long as we can avoid outright sin, it might be a good idea to be more accepting of ourselves. Easy to say, hard to do.

Paz y bien



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