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I suppose it goes without saying that I feel pretty passionate about the subject of artistic control of a work (to the extent that is possible).

Perhaps a future review of The Kite Runner will help me to detail why.

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I agree completely. In many cases, "cleaning up" another artist's work for children (or anyone of "refined" sensibilities), no matter what medium it is in, both significantly alters the message and brings it to people who are either too immature to understand the message properly yet (thinking of children here) or who possibly NEED to be shaken from their comfortable world (which is what the prophets did again and again in order to promote right living and spiritual growth).

I am thinking especially of All That Jazz which I have been waiting to show my children for years until they were old enough to understand it. I finally watched it with Hannah who will be going to college this fall. I received not only new insights from seeing it again but also from our resultant conversation.



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