To Samuel: Verse? Poetry? Well, Hardly.

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Some Doggerel for Samuel on Father's Day

I'm a father in absentia
because of where I sent ya
and it drives me to dementia
to be without you.

Father's day is not the same
when the boy who shares your name
isn't there to play a game,
so I'm missing you.

So tonight I'll thank my Father
who went to all the bother
to give my son a father
while I'm missing you.

Kisses and warm hugs from a distance for Boy and his Mom, whose absence forced me to the library where I checked out another two dozen books to stack in neat piles around my desk and probably never read. Books, even in a house of books, are ever a solace, but never a replacement--and all of them could be gone and never missed if it meant being with you. But you'll be home soon enough, and grandma and grandpa will love the time with you. And it's only fair to share what God has so graciously granted me in your little person. Just know that your daddy is thinking about you and counts the days until you and mom return.

(To L.:And yes, I miss you too, if you happen to read this. You're both in my prayers.)

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Thank you for unveiling a little of your fatherly heart tonight.



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