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I don't know if Semicolon qualifies for St. Blogs, but if you haven't discovered this utterly delightful blog, you owe yourself the treat. Books and faith.

That's it, what more need be said, except that the Blogmaster imagines herself at tea with Tasha Tudor, Madeleine L'Engle, P.D. James and others.

Except that she had a nice long post on the observed differences between her girls and boys.

Except that she really, really, really likes, perhaps even loves books and sharing her reading with us.

I need to visit more often, and I encourage everyone to stop by and say hello. You'll be glad you did.

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Thank you kindly, sir. I don't believe I do qualify for St. Blog's Parish. I'm evangelical, but Catholic-friendly. In fact, some of my favorite bloggers are Catholic, including Mr. Steve of Flos Carmeli.

Dear Sherry,

Well then, perhaps not a member of the parish as such, but certainly a near-neighbor with some very fine and entertaining writing. I love your book reviews and some of the other insights you share and I'm pleased that you are a frequenter of some of the places around St. Blogs, as there are many places here that I would think would be to your liking.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.





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