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Two weeks from today I will be flying out to Sacramento for a business trip before a portion of the California governmental bureaucracy. I'm not thrilled with the prospect. But as with all of my business trips, I have tried to plan to arrive the day before the action in enough time to allow me to acquire a small taste of the town as it were. So, I'll arrive on Sunday afternoon, about 2:00 I think and I'll have from the time I check-in until the time I retire to tour, meet-and-greet, get dinner, etc.

Are there are suggestions from those of you closer to the place as to what one might want to try to take in of Sacramento on a Sunday afternoon? There is a possibility that some time may be free on the other days of the trip as well, so don't exclude things that might be seen during the week. Also, if you life in the area and would like to meet, drop me a line and I we can see what can be planned.

If God is willing and in a merciful mood, this will be my only trip out there under such circumstances--as such, it is likely to be my only trip to the lovely capitol. So I'd be most pleased to hear any "must sees," "must dos," or "must eats." Thanks.

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Evening prayer might be nice. If you go, please remember me in your prayers. Have a safe trip.

Hello Steven. Your main stop on Sunday afternoon should probably be Old Sacramento, with dinner on the Delta Queen. Sometime during the week you should also tour the magnificently restored Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Sutter's Fort, Capitol Park, the Crocker Art Museum, and some of the old historic houses of the city. I would truly enjoy meeting you. If you can find 3/4 of a day to visit the Culbreaths in Orland, we'll feed you well and show you around our ranch and town. If not, I'd like to meet you for lunch or perhaps an evening Mass at St. Stephen the First Martyr during the week.

I would like to second the idea of a meeting of Jeff & Steven, two very esteemed bloggers.



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