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is not the Faith. But it sure provides some interesting highlights.

A must read here

Remarkable Story

My father-in-law is in the hospital. Fortunately he is doing well and is out of immediate danger. The subject of prayer came up and the nurse overhead and told of a recent fiery car crash.

He was injured to the point of near death and was rescued and lifeflighted.

He reported to the nurse that he had felt himself leave his body for a time. He had floated above the cars behind him and in the first two he heard people complaining about having to wait. In the third car he heard the woman praying for him and so he remained with her.

He remembered the license plate number and told the nurse. Police cooperated in finding the owner of that third car because the doctor asked them to. She was asked to come to the hospital for a reason they couldn't share. The injured patient introduced himself and his family and thanked her for her prayers.


They say people in the medical profession believe in God more many other professions (doctors are far more likely to be believers than scientists) and one can see why.

(From Video meliora, proboque;) Thanks TSO. Keeping this out of sight so I can refer back within the archive.

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Amazing isn't it? Beautiful story. Sad too...imagine the sorrow of knowing others are not only indifferent to your plight when you are full of fear and suffering but are upset because they will be delayed getting to the bar by 30 seconds due to your good fortune of being in a fiery car crash.

Very nice point, Rick. I confess that my first reaction when I see an accident is to get the heck out of there before the gawker (also called gaper, or rubber necking) effect kicks in. Not for serious accidents though. I saw a serious one and immediately started praying for them. I should pray for the less serious ones as well. I saw a fender bender on the highway once, a very small potatoes accident. Prayers for safety should have kicked in as the lady in the passenger seat got out of her vehicle to inspect the accident. They were in the passing lane, and she just about got creamed by a semi. He literally had to swerve over into the coned-off lane on the right. A hat tip to him for being on his toes.



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