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A notation at Father Jim's reminded of that age-old question that I'm so thankful is neither asked nor heard of within the precincts of a Catholic Church. The query and some possible responses (in various shades of snarkiness) below.

"Have you found Jesus?"

"Oh dear, have you misplaced Him?"
"I hadn't heard He'd gone missing."
"No, but He found me."
"Are you looking for a referral?"
"This isn't 'Where's Waldo.'"

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You forget the immortal:

I never lost Him.

Or, "I thought His Mother already found Him in the temple."

We have lost Him, though. At least, we do lose Him and then find Him again. We are in constant need of conversion. If we are going to misconstrue a Protestant's meaning when we hear this question, we might as well misconstrue it in a way that prompts (swallow hard) ecumenical dialogue. At any rate, "snarkiness" may be fun but it is certainly not charitable!


I just may use the "Where's Waldo?" one, Steven! ;)

Dear Sylvia,

You are absolutely right. And while I might be snarky in general, it would probably never be appropriate to respond this way in person. However, depending upon the person, and his or her pushiness, the less snarky responses might be an effective end to the entire exchange--because some people simply don't know when to quit.





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