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Last night, in preparation for a project, I compiled the last six month of the blog into an editable file. I was astonished to discover that in six months I had produced a one-megabyte file. (Now this includes headers, graphics, and other useless detailia--but still.)

So I felt I owed those long-suffering readers a real hardy thank you for enduring with me through all of that prose. I know that there aren't very many of you--however, you are hale, hearty and stalwart spirits to be able to endure so long under such a burden. So my thanks for your patience, kindness, and frequent communication and support. It is only by writing that one learns how to write, and with your help, I hope that I am honing such skills as I have.

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Your blog is a continuous source of spiritual nourishment for me. Please keep up the great work.
God bless!!

Nothing worse than coming to a blog and finding...the same single post you found a week ago.

Lots of posts, on lots of topics, all from an interesting and original mind.

Things you didn't know. Things you knew but hadn't quite thought of in a particular light. New books to read. New music to think about. And a personal note worth hearing now and then to remind us that even in the blogosphere we aren't just ethereal minds. All together in a mix or blend that savours one else but Stephen Riddle.

Who could ask for more?



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