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Gnod - The global network of dreams

Which gave you Gnook, but has separate engines for both Music and Film.

It also has Flork, which I haven't tried yet because I'm not really certain I care to be discovered by people around the world, at least not at a place called Flork.

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I've already tried them, Steven! :P

When I entered The Terminator, I got some pretty accurate answers: that is, accurate based on my own and my friends' preferences. How surprising (albeit gratifying) that the nearest movie to it on the map is The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. (What is inexplicable, however, is the close proximity of Rush Hour to T1, when the much better "Buddy Movie"--from the 1980's yet--Lethal Weapon isn't on T1's map at all!)

The map of The Sound of Music is another story, however. It's just weird.

Unfortunately, there's no music map yet. One just gets recommendations, some of which are pretty strange as well.

Dear Enbrethiliel,

I infer that the music engine is still building maps. If this was how the others were built, it explains much about multiple spellings, misspellings, last names only, etc. There needs to be a clean-up and consolidation phase after the initial implementation to refine the intelligence of the engine, but it was fascinating to answer the questions and then get a slew of possibilites. I shouldn't be surprised to start seeing maps develop as the computer learns the contours of taste.




Yes, the misspellings and multiple entries for one author/movie are annoying!

Another thing I've noticed is that the maps keep changing. First, if you leave one alone for long enough and then come back to it, you'll see that all the other movies have drifted away from the centre and have become equally distant from it. (It reminds me of the kind of drift the galaxies are supposed to be doing thanks to the Big Bang.)

As if that were not bad enough, you'll get a different answer each time you look at a movie's map. That is, the same related movies will be there, but the distances from the main movie will be rather different.

You've pointed out, however, that the program is still starting out and building maps. It's really quite fascinating. I wonder what the whole thing will look like in a year or two.



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