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One who stops by on occasion wants to know, "Why do you insist on posting those incredibly obtuse and needlessly complicated bits from poets no one really cares about anyway?" (I paraphrase.)

I answer: Why, if I were to wait to post about a poet some one did care about, I'd have a sum total of zero posts. And by definition aren't most poets incredibly obtuse and needlessly complicated compared to the purveyors of flaccid and rank prose who grace our local news media?

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Woah, One-Who-Stops-By-On-Occasion! If it weren't for those bits of incredibly obtuse and needlessly complicated bits, then how would I know that I was at Steven's place? Hmmm?

AND, besides, sometimes one of those obtuse, complicated bits actually hits home and makes me sit up and think for a minute. I think that Steven will tell you how amazing that is considering that my avowed favorite poet is Ogden Nash.


As I told my wife recently, "some of my posts are just for me". *grin*

Nothing wrong with that!

Nobody cares about? That's news to me. I adore Eliot. There may be more secret poetry lovers out there than your reader imagines.

I'm currently reading Dove Descending as well. It was a red letter day when that book arrived from Amazon! I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on the subject.

By the way, I wonder if Eliot particularly speaks to Carmelites. My dad is a secular Carmelite and I got him hooked on the Four Quartets a few years ago.

Dear Ms. Bettinelli,

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. But especial thanks for leaving your site info. I love the title and the pre-Raphealite header is magnificent. Doubly magnificent as it refers to my favorite of Shakespeare's plays.

As to Four Quartets and Lay or Secular Carmelites--I can't say. I do see a lot of themes running through that would be of interest to Carmelites who would read it. But it is a very interesting thought. Thank you.





If the poetry is to obtuse I ignore it. If it's accessible to an ignoramous I read it. But I must, as a duty of christian esteem, point out that Plato would ban poets from his ideal republic! This tells me one thing--you may be a closet Thomist!

But--It's your blog Man, who cares what I or anyone else think of how you run it? I like it.



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