First Communion Day


I've thought a bit about what to report, and there really isn't too much. It was a first communion day like all have experienced and like all who have children will experience again.

However there are a few moments worth sharing. For example, Samuel did the second reading. "A reading from the First Letter of St. John" he intones solemnly after turning the page in the book and adjusting the microphone. Hardly necessary because the night before he had recited the entire reading to me.

He starts the reading, and then comes the portentous, "for GOD. . . IS. . . LOVE." Except for the fact that God was only one syllable rather than the requisite three, Sam could have been a Baptist preacher in full flower. At this point the DRE turned around with the broadest grin imaginable. She'd heard this in the rehearsals; however, she thought that when the actual event occurred he'd be too nervous to pull it off. A little later in the reading we got another slowing down and portentous, "For THIS IS LOVE." Earlier, at one of the practices, when asked to provide a summary of his reading, Samuel responded--"God is love." This summary he came up with himself--I was frankly astounded.

Later Father was asking children about manna in the desert. He said, "What do you think that white stuff was?" And Samuel raised his hand. Father asked, "What is your name?"

Sam gave him the full four name mouthful. When the Priest messed up the third name Samuel said quietly but firmly, "No, it's _______" The priest repeated it and same assured him that he was correct. "Yes."

"What was that white stuff in the desert?"

"The Body and Blood of Jesus."

The Priest laughed and said, "Not yet, you hold onto that thought."

A few minutes later he came back to same who provided the correct answer at the proper point in the homily.

Commenting on this later everyone remarked on his lack of fear in addressing and correcting the priest. One person said, "Yep. Seems the only think he's afraid of is not being noticed."

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