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Monday I took a half-day off from work and drove over to the Space Coast with Linda and Samuel to spend a little time at KSC and the Astronaut Hall of Fame before meeting TSO and his lovely ladywife for dinner.

KSC and the Hall of Fame were, as usual, a revelation. Sam had a great time, going on the G simulator and the Mission to Mars rover, as well as meeting a real Space Shuttle Commander and Pilot.

We met at a very popular local eatery in Titusville called Dixie Crossroads. After wrangling with the menu and letting Sam spill over for a while the waitress came to take the order. Once she had described the differences between red shrimp, white shrimp, boat-run shrimp, and rock shrimp, everyone was set and knew what they wanted. Although one of us changed his mind frequently.

During and after these comestibles preparation proceedings, Linda took on the usual duty of the female spouse in this particular matrimonial situation, building the bridges of cordiality which her somewhat more reclusive spouse would normally cross. In this particular case, it wasn't at all necessary for her spouse, but it paved the way to a lovely evening.

I have given up trying to imagine what the various people on blogs look like. There is no conceivable way to do so absent a picture, and very often the picture are most deceiving.

The meeting was, as with all blogging meetings, a most delightful occasion. TSO and his lovely wife are delightful dinner companions, and we much regretted the end of dinner which meant our departure. Linda said over and over again how much she had enjoyed the occasion and had wished for a prolongation thereof. But alas, being unfamiliar with the surroundings, we could not come up with a place to retire to that might provide for such and with a little one in tow, it made for other difficulties (such as prolapsed bed times any way.)

As readers of this blog are aware TSO is among my very favorite blog-authors--he comes frequently mentioned. Meeting him in person, far from being a disappointment, was in fact an even greater delight. And so, as with each blogger I have met, reading the blog will now come with the enhanced pleasure of knowing the person behind the pixels.

At this point I've been able to meet with several bloggers and blog-associates--Tom of Disputations, Fr. Jim of Dappled things, The not-too-present Kathy of the late lamented Gospel Minefield, Therese of occasional visit to comment boxes, Peony of Pansy and Peony fame, the Summa Mamas, Julie D., and now TSO. I had a near miss with Dylan on a visit to Boston a few years back.

And my next major appearance will probably be in Sacramento this summer. I think there is a blogger or two in the area, but I'm a bit uncertain as to the geography and location of the two I think of most prominently in that part of California.

Curiously, although we live in the same city and even occasionally attend the same Church, I've yet to meet Mr. Luse. And I missed out on a meeting about two years ago with the redoubtable Alicia of Fructus Ventris.

Meeting favorite bloggers is a wonderful way to spend time when one is far from home without resources. The first opportunity to meet with TSO evaporated from a trip to his homeland due to complications from Hurricane Charlie--it's a very long story. So this oft-delayed meeting was a much-anticipated event and a delight in every way.

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I didn't know you attended St. Jim's on occasion. We've probably seen each other without knowing it. Keeps the mystery alive. We'll work it out eventually. How many beers did TSO put away?

Dear Bill,

I visit the Cathedral infrequently, usually on a Saturday morning when the Carmelites there are having an "event" (Election, reception, profession). I am the local representative of the Province and am required to attend all such events, if possible. With the St. James group, as with all groups, rather than a requirement, it is a privilege to be able to assist.

As to beers. So far as I could see he consumed none, but then the company he was keeping may have cramped his style (though it shouldn't have--I'm not a teatotaler for moral reasons--or at least not consciously so--I just have never acquired the taste. And given the expense and the aftereffects, never thought it a particularly worthwhile pursuit. However, I also have never frowned on those who care for the fruit of the Earth or vine in moderation.) But I suppose there's no real joy in drinking alone. Besides that I probably terrified him. You know, I'm a very imposing figure in real life. I've been known to make strong men blanch with merely a glance. :-D



That sounds like him, emulating the preferences of those in whose company he finds himself. For example, when he was at my place...I'd better shut up now.

I live two hours from TSO, and I have yet to meet him! LOL!

Your visit sounds delightful. Glad you had a good time. Wish one of you had a digital camera!!

Erik (of rants and recipes) is from Sacramento, and frequently is there at his parents' home. Last summer we had the pleasure to have dinner, an overnight stay, and breakfast with him and the lovely amanda. Melanie was not there, having work related commitments that kept her in Oakland, but we had met her two years previously when we made a stop in Oakland on our way between Los Angeles and Eugene.
Erik really can cook as well as he writes, and in a wonderful raconteur.

Oh, and Orland CA is about an hour or two driving time from Sacramento. You could mapquest it to get some idea.

And while I don't have the Catholic Blog firepower of Erik or Alicia, I'd also be interested in driving up to Sacramento to meet the redoubtable Riddle.



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