Changing One Atom at a Time

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In the before times, thought of my sinfulness would make me despair, fret, and worry. Now, thought of my sinfulness makes me sorry, but it fills me with joyful hope. Jesus came for me and those like me. Over and over again, He emphasizes that He came to call sinners (meaning all of us) and not the righteous (meaning none of us). My sins are covered, forgiven, converted, transformed, and in their transformation I am renewed. Sometimes it is a painful process, particularly as I struggle against it; however, it is always a process filled with joy, knowing that the end of these struggles--the last stop on the line--is the glory of the Holy Trinity in the eternity of heaven. Sort of worth it for the pain of giving up what does not really delight anyway, hein?

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Indeed, changing one atom at a time and one Adam at a time.

Boy, did I need that today. Thank you. One elementary particle at a time, until Jesus collapses the wave function.



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