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The comments box of the post immediately below has the more substantive writing of today. The question of the Cross has a certain prominence in this Lenten Journey and I, for one, am only beginning to come to terms with it. But in our journey here on Earth, I wonder if we ever really get beyond the beginning--it is so deep and wide and broad a mystery that it is unfathomable to those of us with little minds for this kind of thought. I know only the little I am given to know through my engagement with other, more knowledgable souls. But I will continue to share the little I can in hopes that it will inspire those better than me to continue the exploration.

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Dear Steven:
And you do so much better than most. We are all grateful for your voice and your love.

We're grateful to you too, Rob, for bringing up these opportunities for us all to learn.

Yes, I told Tom one time that I see my role to be that of saying exactly the wrong thing, so that he, or somebody else, can correct me for the edification of the whole family.
It's putting complete ignorance to good use.



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