Ack! Another Refugee from the Draft Button

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. . . made what was to be covert, overt. Thanks Julie for your comment, but I have relegated that particularly entry to the limbo of the drafts from which it should never have escaped.

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Iris (er, I mean "I Won't") tell a soul.

Dear TSO,

I really must learn to pay attention to all those buttons and switches. I would have sworn that I set that one to draft. It's not that I'm particularly ashamed of them, they just detract from the overall flow of things so they sit outback in the draft sack.

Ah well, the mortifications forced upon us during Lent. I suppose I'll just have to take up my cross--**deep sigh** :-D



Yeah one thing about blogs is they lack a consistent tone if you're eclectic. It's odd, for example, for my blog to go from a sarcastic tone to a reverent one. Anyhow, no need to be mortified 'cuz probably just me and Julie and a one or two others saw it during the short time it was up. Certainly no reason to feel embarrassed around me and Julie since we're pals and simple folk.



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