Y Gododdin--Aneirin



This is the first time I've seen it as "Y Gododin." Be that as it may, this is kind of THE National Epic of Wales (NOT, the much better know Mabinogion) by its most renowned poet, one who has a remote connection to the Arthurian cycle (see below). Here, for conoisseurs it is presented in Welsh and English.

From another Arthurian site:

Y Gododdin Preserved in the thirteenth century, Llyfr Aneirin, Y Gododdin has a claim to be one of the earliest Welsh poems (or sequence of poems). It contains one reference to Arthur, which may or may not be a later interpolation; if it is original it is the earliest of all references to Arthur:

He charged before three hundred of the finest,
He cut down both centre and wing,
He excelled in the forefront of the noblest host,
He gave gifts of horses from the herd in winter.
He fed black ravens on the rampart of a fortress
Though he was no Arthur.
Among the powerful ones in battle,
In the front rank, Gwawrddur was a palisade.

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