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I realize how very ungracious I have been, not thanking the wonderful parishioners for the real honor they have tendered me in nominating me for "Best Devotional Blog." Thank you all, thank you very much.

If you are so inclined, please go and vote there. Vote for Julie D. and for Rick Lugari, and when you're faced with the difficult choices in devotional blogs, I would ask you to vote for A Penitent Blogger-Penitens. While I can, once in a while offer something in the devotional mode, it is a rare day when Penitens does not. All devotion, all the time. I realize that is not the most popular mode of blogging, but Penitens does it so well--and if St. Blogs is to honor someone whose work really does focus on devotion and glorifying God, then I would suggest that Penitens should be the one. This is a blog I look up to and admire deeply. I cannot sustain the depth that is there, although I can swim in those depths every day.

But once again, I can't thank everyone who participated in this nomination enough. I am very pleased that this blog is seen as being of service. Thank you all, and my sincere apologies in being so slow to acknowledge this debt of gratitude.

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I tried to go there but found no link on your frequented blog list.

Please help.



I'm sorry, I should have included the link within the post. That should be fixed now. If not, see "A Penitent Blogger" in the side column. Thanks for the reminder.




Don't sell yourself short. What you do here is very devoltional and my favorite of the genre. I know I am not alone in that sentiment, either.

And thank you kindly for the endorsement. It was unnecessary, but appreciated.

God bless,

Non sum dignus.

Thank you very much for your kind words, but as Rick said, don't sell yourself short as a devotional blog.

Dear Rick and Penitens,

Being the author of a devotional blog (I don't merely play one on TV), I know a devotional blog when I see it, and I surely do see it chez Penitens. That's not to say that the spirit doesn't occasionally move amongst the debris here, but if we're talking objectively. . .

Thank you both for you kind words of encouragment. I appreciate it, and I am extremely happy that Devotional is the way that Flos Carmeli is typified and viewed. I can't think of a category in which I would prefer to be placed. I am in such good company--Penitens, Steve, the Good Sister O.P., and Moneybags.





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