Nanny McPhee

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What a very pleasant surprise--a surprise with the likes of Emma Thompson, Derek Jacobi, and Angela Lansbury.

The story is adapted from a series of book by Christianna Brand. (I hadn't any idea. Ms. Brand is known to me for a number of fine mysteries including Death in High Heels and Green for Danger.) Very Mary Poppins-like, Nanny McPhee joins the beleaguered Brown family, gets it properly organized in typical Edwardian fashion and then is off again.

What is so very delightful is the way the story incorporates some of the very oldest cinematic cliches in a way that refreshes them and makes them funny once again.

Samuel loved the film as did both Samuel's mother and father. Highly recommended for those who wish to take children to see a film in which family is extolled, supported, and celebrated.

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Thanks for the recommendation. We went, too - and thoroughly enjoyed it!

I like Emma Thompson.



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