Hooray Julie! Hooray Father Jim!

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I don't know how she pulled it off, but Julie D. of Happy Catholic won best blog by a woman. Remarkable, truly remarkable.

Congratulations--I know I was pulling for you--I'm just astounded and pleased. (Not that I would be any less pleased for Ms. Welborn--it's just that, well, I've MET Julie!)

Congratulations again.

And congratulations to Father Jim, one of my very favorite blogs!

And congratulations to all of the winners and to all who have enjoyed the proceedings.

And a heartfelt thanks to the people who went to such pains to organize the whole proceedings.

Of course, do keep in mind, these are preliminary results. And those of us in the great State of Florida are already agitating for a recount! It's our very favorite kind of count. Dangling and pregnant Chads--woohoo!!

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It's a jubilee!!!

Thanks Steven ... I expect the recount will move you up and me down ... but it still was a blast! :-D



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