An Evening with Donizetti


Tonight we will be able to indulge an impulse long denied and we will be attending the Opera. It's a local company with a mixed bag of singers, but it's a frothy piece of Operatic fluff called L'Elisir D'Amore.

Tonight we will be taking Samuel, so please pray for us. I don't know how he'll take to it, if at all and that may present some small problems. I don't actually anticipate it, but better to pray about it than worry about it.

If things go well, he'll be attending at least one other--The Marriage of Figaro. The jury is still out on Tosca, which despite some lovely music may be too long and too adult to have any interest for him whatsoever. But at 7 I'd be surprised if he stays awake for the evening.

Nevertheless, there is no chance to enjoy culture if we don't at least give him the opportunity, and Opera, particularly local companies is an art-form that may soon pass away entirely, and that would be a terrible blow to the richness of our culture.

So, I'll report on that and on a recent book read, possibly as early as tomorrow.

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