A Thought for Lenten Preparation

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Rather than deciding what YOU will do for Lent, ask God in prayer what HE would like you to do. Your Lent will be a thousand times more productive. You have a couple of days before it starts. Ask God to show the way--He is faithful, He will show you clearly.

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Good idea, I'll think about that! In my timezone (Netherlands), tomorrow Lent will start - and I have planned to read, during Lent, St. Augustine's commentary on the Sermon on the Mount. I am very curious - his own sermons have impressed me a lot.

Helpful post Steven.

Unrelated, you might be interested in Christopher Blosser's expose today on the infiltration of anti-Semitism in the radical Traditionalist fringe.

Also unrelated but something I thought you might be interested in. From "Confessions of a Wayward Catholic":

By midday Saturday I had begun and abandoned four different books from the guesthouse library. At one point I picked up St. John of the Cross’ Dark Night of the Soul and before I’d even opened it I’d said to myself, “there’s no way you’re ready for this yet,? but I flipped through it anyway until the pages opened to a chapter where he described exactly what I’d spent my time doing since the previous day (and really, since forever) — flitting from one thing to the next, unable to settle. I murmured a quick “Shut it!? at him and then headed over to the church to pray.



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