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I'm only noting that I deleted an entry so that the entry actually goes away. Many thanks to the people who commented, but upon review, it was not the type of thing I want to keep on the blog. I'm not steering away from controversy, but only certain kinds of non-edifying, my-opinion-is-superior-to-yours kinds of controversies that can crop up here and there. My apologies.

Also, so you know, I started on three different posts this morning--The Catholic Church and Community, The Vatican Pronounces on ID, and one other. Because these took the form of critique and complaint without offering useful help in dealing with the noted problems, they were deleted as well.

If I cannot say something that will help to build up the body of Christ (and constructive critiques fall into the category), then I do not need to be merely another voice complaining. No one is edified by my quirky complaints.

Now, this restriction will apply to all things other than the Arts, in which case almost everything is opinion any way and the whole point of the arts is to stir up discussion and make people think. So, I have no hesitation posting my opinions there.

But really, who needs yet another complaint about how the liturgy in my church is not up to snuff? Or a complaint about really much of anything that doesn't come with a suggestion that might improve the problem. My complaints are better borne by myself as little mortifications for my own improvement. So, I'll try very hard not to burden you all with them--but that's not a guarantee--only a promise to try. I trust you all will hold me accountable to my promise and alert me when I go off course.

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Steven, I applaud you on this. I believe it is hard to resist the temptation to write about those things.

Fabulous, Steven. Now if we can only get Gerald Augistinus on your bandwagon :)



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