A Slew of Bellocs

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Marie Belloc Lowndes (Sister of Hilaire, and author of The Lodger--a very nice Jack-the-Ripper novel published in 1913. Her work is primarily in the Mystery, suspense, ghost story mode): From Out the Vasty Deep, The Chink in the Armour, What Timmy Did, The End of Her Honeymoon

Hilaire Belloc The Historic Thames, Hills and the Sea

Note also, the delectable Waltoniana: Inedited REmains in Verse and Prose of Isaak Walton

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Would that be The Lodger that was the basis for first the silent movie and then the talkie with Ivor Novello (referenced in Gosford Park)? If so, cool!

Dear Mrs. Darwin,

I don't know the details, but it has been made into a movie at least three times. I thought Alfred Hitchcock directed one of them long about 1926-1927, and there's been a more recent (and I'm sure gruesome) adaptation.

I don't think the Hitchcock version was silent, so that may be the missing third.



Excellent finds, thank you for sharing.



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