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Probably as a ploy to see if I were paying attention, Erik tagged me. So here's my response:

Four Jobs
1. Children's Librarian
2. Night manager at Sewer Line Maintenance
3. Museum cataloger and photo developer
4. My present position

Four Movies I Would (and do) Watch Over and Over:
1. Harry Potter (any of them)
2. Miss Congeniality
3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
4. The Spongebob Squarepants Movie

Four Places I Have Lived:
1. Pensacola, FL
2. Norfolk, VA
3. Fairfax, VA
4. Columbus, OH

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch: (Don't expect sophistication here)
1. Jimmy Neutron
2. Spongebob Squarepant
3. Fairly Odd Parents
4. Rachel Ray (Sometime Iron Chef America or Good Eats)

Websites I visit daily (well, not quite daily, as I usually go a couple of days a week without even checking email):
1. Listed Blogs
2. Library Thing Library Page
3. Yahoo/Google/search pages
4. On-line Books Page

Favorite Four Foods
1. Olives--any size, any shape, any color, stuffed with just about anything
2. Pizza
3. Macaroni and Cheese
4. Chicken and Dumplings

Four Places I Would Rather Be:
1. Key West/Dry Tortugas
2. Naples, FL
3. La Jolla (but not anywhere near town)
4. San Antonio, TX

But the truth is, on a permanent basis, nowhere else on Earth. I love where I live.

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For fun, I'll answer here. I have no blog so, this is it.

4 jobs
1. Catholic theology teacher to adults (not sure of the setting)
2. Writer of Catholic theological/applications books
3. College Admissions/financial aid/career counselor
4. ?

4 movies
1. Pride and Prejudice (6 hour A&E version)
2. Yours, Mine, & Ours
3. A Man for all Seasons
4. Wallace & Gromit - all 3 shorts

4 places I have lived
1. Chicagoland, IL
2. Steubenville, OH
3. Columbus, OH
4. San Diego, OH

4 websites
1. Catholic Insider.com
2. sqpn.com
3. floscarmeli
4. news.yahoo.com

4 foods
1. chocolate (almost anything)
2. garlic shrimp
3. beef tips over noodles
4. good macaroni and cheese

4 places
1. Ireland - Co. Clare
2. Ireland - Limerick
3. Ireland - anywhere
4. Heaven

I skipped TV since I have not watched since the late 70s.



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