My Birthday Celebration

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Saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which I found most profoundly disturbing in a very good way.

Received four movies including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Christmas in Connecticut, Death on the Nile, and my favorite of the series, Evil Under the Sun--could there possibly be a better match-up than Diana Rigg and Maggie Smith? For that matter, except for Angela Lansbury, is there anyone to compare with Maggie Smith no matter what she sets her mind to?

Have a book yet to open.

Broke the Advent Fast to have a near-feast for dinner at a local sea-food restaurant. (But then, it is Sunday, a good day for breaking fast regardless.)

Blessed all day by a real sense of God's abiding presence.

Not much more to report. Perhaps more tomorrow. God bless you all. May the real joy of the Holy Spirit be with you in this season of waiting.

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Happy Birthday, Steven! Hope your celebration was grand!

(Today would have been my father's 77th birthday. He was a scientist, also.)

Steven, I'm pleased that you had a joyful celebration commemorating your arrival into this wondrous ocean of air. Surely you noticed today how Morning Prayer was riddled (pun somewhat intended) with joyous Alleluias! And surely we're to rejoice at the long-awaited Coming of the Incarnate One. Regardless, we're blessed by your presence among us. Thank you and may God bless you for staying with us in this medium. Gaudete!

happy birthday - many happy returns of the day, and congratulations on your nomination! what an honor. i shall vote early and vote often :)

Happy birthday, Steven!

Happy Birthday and may God bless you with many more.

Happy birthday, Steven. Was led here from Semi-colon, and enjoyed your joyful attitude. I'll be back.

Happy birthday!

Dear Steven, Happy birthday!!

I will wish you 120 years (the span of Moses' life) and one more (so that it's not a sudden death).


Dear Sir,
First of all, Happy Birthday.
Secondly, is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as good as the original Willy Wonka?
I must have another opinion.

You were well within your rights to have a near-feast today. You could have had a total feast with God's approval. :)

Steven, what a wonderful day! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful one.

Dear Miz Scarlette,

Not so much better, as unique--a different, odd, endearing quirkiness. And what I may like better about this one is the strong insistence on the value of family. It was certainly present in the first, but family was not nearly so much under attack at the time and we didn't have to raise the bulwarks. But in this, there is an explicit defense and even deference to the paramount importance of family. And I really, really like that.

I thank you for stopping by and for the birthday wishes.



Hi All,

Thank you kindly for the warm birthday wishes. It was a wonderful day. Tonight we go and see the Christmas lights at MGM Studios--complete with fake snow--the only kind I care for any more.



As always, late.


What I lack in speed, I'll make up for in volume and exclamation points.

Blessings, blessings, and more blessings to one of the finest men I know.

Happy Birthday! When you were a kid, did you feel gypped because your birthday was so close to Christmas?

Dear Therese,

No, never. My mother always made it special. Christamas season never started until after my birthday celebration, so it was like a kickoff and a countdown.



Dear Therese,

Oh, and I would always know the day of both Christmas and New Year's because they were three and four weeks away.

No, in all, it was (and still is) wonderful.





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