A Good Heart--A Samuel Story

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The other day, while riding in the car, absolutely apropos of nothing whatsoever, Samuel piped up and said, "You know, if you guys ever need my organs you can have them. A kidney. Or if you need a liver."

"Well, thank you sweetheart, but we'd prefer that your organs remain inside your own body," Linda said.

"He has a good heart," I said to her.

"Yes," he said immediately. "But you can't have that because I couldn't love without that."

Is it any wonder that life is one continual joy? I am so grateful and sometimes I just wonder at a God who is so good to me, when I am so dismissive of Him. Well, just wanted to share a little of that joy. God bless all of you.

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What a sweetie he is! You are SOOOO blessed.

that is precious :)



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