The Virtue of Amiability

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Worth your attention and my retention. Thanks Brandon.

1. To smile until a kindly smile forms readily on one's lips.
2. To repress a sign of impatience at the very start.
3. To add a word of benevolence when giving orders.
4. To reply positively when asked to do a favor.
5. To lend a helping hand to the unfortunate.
6. To please those toward whom one feels repugnance.
7. To study and satisfy the tastes of those with whom one lives.
8. To respect everyone.
9. To avoid complaining.
10. To correct, if one must, with kindness.

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Excellent. These things are so helpful, to check that my idea of gentleness, meekness, and here, amiability isn't a teeth-gritted "isn't she magnificent" kind of virtue, but the silent swift cheerful kind.

This code of amiability is from Ven. Teresita Quevedo. There is a site dedicated to her:

Dear Sister Mary Catherine,

Thank you so much for the reference. I will check it out soon. This small excerpt whetted my appetite for more.





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