The Limits to Language

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I promise not to rant. But I did want to make one small point about my own inadequacies.

"God's covenant love with Israel becomes enfleshed in Jesus whose life and teaching unfold the deep mystery of trinitarian communion. In the Gospel of John, Jesus invites his followers into an intimacy of indwelling just as Father and Son indwell each other in the Holy Spirit."

When I read sentences like these my mind whirls and my thoughts spin off into important things like when the Sponge-Bob Christmas Special is going to start to air. Phrasing like this bounces off my shield of invincible ignorance and slithers to the ground there to thrash around and distract me from other more important things. I don't know why I have this reaction, but honestly these sentences point at something but don't seem to say anything that is particularly relevant to me. It seems a gossamer fabric of high language that forms more a web than a garment. But that is my limitation, not necessarily a comment on the skill of the writer who composed the sentences above.

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Your inadequecies???!!!

LOL, oh, dear Steven, you are not alone. We "inadequate" readers are legion!

I suspect that if an author cannot use simple language and simple sentences, perhaps she does not really understand the subject matter.

The end of (the tyranny of?) both words and prayer: [i]Mulholland Drive[/i]? Have you seen this movie?



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