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Robert Hugh Benson Unabridged

I belong to the Yahoo discussion group on Robert Hugh Benson. The link above will take you to a website devoted to a publisher who is reprinting much, if not all of Benson's oeuvre. Benson is a unique voice in the Catholic world--circulating during part of the same time as Chesterton and Belloc, his tone and his mode are quite different and refreshing. His books range from the science-fictional Lord of the World to the historical Come Rack, Come Rope. Go and take a look and help out these publishers if you're of a mind to. If not, or if you want a sampling first, simply Google Robert Hugh Benson and you'll discover a number of e-texts available for sampling before you buy.

A voice that deserves to be heard today and always. I begin to think that we are experience a "Catholic Renaissance" even if it is in the resurrection of work that has largely fallen from sight.

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