Pardon My Effusiveness


(There is something in this day that nearly overwhelms me with joy. An awareness of His guiding and abiding presence--what we call in Carmelite terms, a consolation. How unworthy I am to receive it, and how poorly I share it, but welcome to my joy.)

What can I say but thank you?

For the day,
for the hour,
for the rain,
for the sun,
for who I am,
for who I am not,
for those who love me,
for those who hate me,
for your abiding love.

Thank you is not enough,
thank you is only a beginning
thank you doesn't scratch the surface.

You are the Joy of the Day,
You are the Joy of each life,
You are the hidden well of life.
You are Lord.

And thank you that I am not.
I can't find my way home in this darkness,
I can't light the way for others in my own darkness.

But thy Word, O God, is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my way.
Everything comes from you and goes back to you.

Thank you.

Thank you for the world to rejoice in.
Thank you for this day's pains and trials.
Thank you for the confidence to know that every step in your light, every movement in your Grace is transforming.
Thank you for the knowledge that transformation is hard,
transformation hurts,
transformation hurts with the hard pains of giving birth.

O, but Lord, thank you for the new life that comes with birth.
Thank you for the new birth despite the pain.
Thank you for leading the way.

Thank you.
Thank you.

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