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An Introduction to Vulgar Latin - Google Print

When I have little to say otherwise, expect I'll keep you apprised of what's happening in the e-book world. (At least to the extent that I can.)

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Thank you, Steven! I'd never have found that on my own, nor even thought to look for it. Google Print is turning into the best antiquarian library in the world.


Dear Steven,

If I may correct myself, until GP allows one to copy the text of old books it's a far cry from Project Gutenberg, Blackmask, et al.

Cheers -


Dear Bill,

I agree. But thank goodness they're available in some form. Better if more easily portable, but useful to have for reference in some way.

I think they'll get around to it eventually. I hope so at least. But yes, the present format is a mite tedious. Nevertheless, I'm thankful to access to such treasures regardless of the circumstances.





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