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The provincial delegate of our Region (Most Pure Heart of Mary) will be conducting a day of reflection in a nearby town. We've decided to make a short vacation of it, so I'll be offline for a few days as I collect shark's teeth, photograph the ocean, and generally take in the sights and sounds of the Gulf. There may be one more post this evening, but am not certain.

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Dear 'Flos'
Don't forget what Madre Teresa said about sour-faced saints and the remark why Jesus has so few friends. She was a chatty one.

I don't see any thing devoted to "moniales OCSO"
but being here in a Blue State, we do have OCSO houses for men and women, OCD house(s) for men and women, a few PCs etc. And a low murder rate among the regular population, so we are not all that bad here in chilly Massachusetts.

Dear Mr. Grassby,

One of the reasons you don't see anything here devoted to OCSO houses is that I am unqualified to say anything at all about them except to express my admiration for the men and women who are called to that way of life.

As to OCD houses, Massachusetts is in a different province of Carmelites than the rest of the United States, so I'm in woeful ignorance about their facilities.

And no place should be judged by the will of the people who are willing to get out and vote. It does not necessarily reflect the will of all, nor is it representative of the religious life of a people. There are a great number of the people of God in Massachusetts and in a great many places some might regard as God-forsaken (although more properly they should be termed Forsaking-God).

Thank you for writing and I hope you visit often. May you find refreshment, enlightment, hope, or some good thing here to carry back into your normal life and regular practice.





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