The Christ of Cynewulf

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The Christ of Cynewulf

Honestly, I don't know what to make of the offerings of I can't enthusiastically endorse all of them, but some of them have a peculiar interest both antiquarian and oddity.

The Christ is an oddity in mediocre verse with some interesting wood-cuttings or engravings. Some of the poetry sings, some thuds, I won't comment on the theology because I haven't read extensively enough, but it parallels much of the site there is enough there to be wary of. Nevertheless, these things hold an odd charm.

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Dear Ms. Lewis,

Thank you. I'm not enough of a Tolkien student to have realized the connection. I seem (vaguely) to remember having read Cynewulf's "Christ" in my undergraduate career; although, I'm not entirely certain at this point. Regardless, your note added a new dimension to it. Thank you.





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