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It should come as no surprise to anyone who reads this blog with any frequency that I am back again to my favorite book of the Bible (outside of the Gospels). If I could choose to do so all of myself, I would pattern my life most closely after the joy expressed in this Epistle.

Rather than reposting much of what I have done, I thought I'd just dredge it all up again and let you sample as you choose to do.

Last night I started reading Philippians again and was stuck for hours simply on the greeting. No, there is nothing particularly remarkable about the greeting to the letter, but the greeting simply activated my need to use the gifts God had given me and to begin to reflect more deeply on what He was trying to say to me in this letter. In the coming days if the signs are right, I may share something of that ongoing conversation. But as it stands now, it is perhaps better just to share some reflections from the past and allow the Lord to continue His good work in His good time.

Please pray for me with regard to this endeavor that what I do is what I should do and that the result be what God desires from me. Thank you.

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chapter 4, verse 13
is the one I quote to moms in labor

Best wishes with your endeavour. Your blog has great content and style.



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