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Or, why keep it just for Easter. We need to hear these words every day.

Let now the heavenly hosts of angels rejoice
let the living mysteries be joyfully celebrated:
and let a sacred trumpet proclaim the victory of so great a King.

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Dear Steven,

You can sing it here (I was singing it just yesterday morning!):


This is copied from one of those paperback seasonal missals.

Cheers -


For anyone suffering from depression, Psalm 118:24 is an excellent way to start each day -- even though one is in a despondent mood. Each morning, look out the window, be it blue or gray skies, and rejoice in the day He hath made for you! It's a joyful way to start the day.

Dear Bill,

Thanks so much for posting that--music and all. It's wonderful!



You're welcome, Steven. Come to think of it, I copied it from a seasonal paperback missalette published by Liturgical Press ("Celebrating the Eucharist"?); it's not the usual OCP paperback.

It's a joy to sing, ain't it?

Cheers -




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