The Wojtyla-Ratzinger Continuum

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Brought to you by your friend at Speculative Catholic. Of course, one can pretty much determine one's course through the quiz, but then, that's what makes it all the more enjoyable.

Wojtyla! You take after the energetic and
enthusiastic John Paul II (the Great). Your
vision is prophetic and BIG - when it comes to
saints, travel, or crowds you can't get enough!

Where do you fall on the Wojtyla-Ratzinger Continuum?
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And I'm not surprised by mine:

Ratzinger! Your personality reflects that of the shy but friendly Benedict XVI. You prefer thoughtful, refined themes in your music and liturgy, and a smaller, purer Church.

Yep, yep and double yep.

I came up as Wojtyla (and it turns out that, back when the "which 20th century pope are you" quiz was making the rounds, I got him as the pope I was most like).

Heh - that was kinda fun, Mr. Riddle! I came up Papa Ratzi, of course.



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