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It's on days like these that you can tell I run this blog for me. I collect all these bits and pieces and put them into posts so that when I've forgotten where they are in my bookmarks, etc., I'll have a repository. Sorry.

But this site features a large number of e-texts--some by John W. Cample, Alan E. Nourse, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and Andre Norton. All are claimed to be copyright cleared.

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Cool, have to bookmark this one.

I have been converting etexts to mp3 via the latest generation of text-to-speech software to good effect to be able to listen to while I work.

Are you aware of the free SF and Fantasy books at Baen's?

Dear Jeff,

Yes, I nearly posted that one as well, but I figured those who wanted it knew it and those who didn't had already been patient enough with this latest run of things.





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