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I love the beginning of the month. The way my stats work, it accumulates lists of places from which I get hits, so that as we near the end of the month and the spiders are more and more combing through the site, I have little opportunity to get back to visitors who stop by quietly and leave no comment. To my mind this is the one purpose site stats serve. I can't make head nor tails of mine most of the time because they are so overrun by automated search engines. However, because of the low number I was able to find some very nice, interesting sites that are new to me.

Your Pastoral Coach

And God's First

Speculative Catholic, who has an interesting entry on Science Fiction and Catholicism (thanks to Don at Mixolydian Mode).

Later: And they keep on rolling in

Darwin Catholic

If you're a visitor, just leave a comment anywhere. I'd really like to know you visited and would love to visit your site. I try hard to do so for everyone who comments and even for those who merely refer others to my site. You come by the most interesting places, people, and comments this way.


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thank you for mentioning "Your Pastoral Coach" and for putting me on your Blogroll. I enjoy your site very much. Like you, I'm very attracted to Carmelite spirituality, although I have a ways to go and I hope to learn a lot from you. Thanks for maintaining such a great site!



Thanks for the mention! We'll return the favor.

Hi Steven

I like your site a lot--I'm blogrolling you!

Scott Carson



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