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I am at a juncture where I am facing crises of sorts in several dimensions of my life--nothing dire, but huge decisions that need more brain-power and heart than I seem to be able to muster. (Probably because they affect so many different aspects of life.) If you would remember particularly in your prayers a need for discernment in at least three modes--vocational, career, and home life, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Steven, I did this morning and will continue to do so. Every click to your blog from mine will be a prayer for you. Now that I think of it, that maybe a good spiritual practice to get into with all the bloggers I visit. Thanks for the idea! :)

You have my fervent prayers also.

Definitely, I'm on it. And, Hector, great idea! :-)

will keep you in prayer.
"what is keeping from coming closer to God".

praying always - and Steven, if you could keep me and John in your prayers for the same intentions, we would be most grateful!

Praying and sensing from your words the depth of your need. A comforting thought from St. Paul of the Cross here:

"No matter how horrible these storms may be, do not ever abandon the support of hope in God, for you will never flounder, and although at times the storm is so great and the sea so enraged, and it seems your ship is being sunk, it is not so. All this is on the outside, that is, in the lower part of your soul, but within no salty sea water has come in. The pilot who is guiding the ship is Jesus Christ, and he holds in his omnipotent arms, even in the middle of his divine Heart, the tiny ship that is your poor soul."

I'm praying for you Steven...

I'll pray for you too Steve!

I do believe that the comments have become a tad jumbled, and parts of the messages mixed with one another.

Prayers for the un-jumbling, where ever it may be.. lol

Dear Barbara,

Thank you. Yes, I originally thought your first post a bit odd, but if it's comment mixing, undoubtedly it will all come out in the wash. More importantly I got the jist of it, and I received the blessings from it. Thank you for your prayers.





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