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I am an admirer of Robert Hugh Benson. I enjoy his work. Unfortunately much is out of print or exorbitantly expensive. I'm hoping that this project will help to alleviate much of that problem. Soon to come out Come Rack, Come Rope. I'm looking forward to it.

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I read Lord of the World years ago. I didn't realize he had other works.

I read LOTW a couple of years ago; I downloaded a free e-book version from Project Gutenberg. I find it very difficult to read e-books because they deny the tactile pleasure of the printed page, so I'm glad to hear of this project.

Dear Father Jim and Scott,

Yes. Robert Hugh Benson doesn't have an enormous output, but he has quite a few books, some of which are available on-line here.
I'm disappointed because as print works become available the author appears to withdraw the electronic files. Nevertheless, there are still plenty available via The Online Books page.

While not so prominent as his brother E.F. Benson, still a good author to know and read.





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