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Buy a Friend a Book!

It is with a cheerful and smiling self-aggrandizement that I point out that the next BAFAB opportunity is the first week of October, and TSO has recently pointed out that mine is not the largest private library that he is aware of (Alas). It strikes me that one should be able to rely upon one's friends to redress these gross maladjustments of the celestial sphere.

So those so inclined can hie thee to Amazon and see if they can figure out how to find my wish list and purchase one, two, three, or all six-hundred and eighty-nine items on it. (exaggerating of course--I'm fairly certain there are not more than 100 at the present time.)

But wait! There's more! If you act right now, you can go to this page and get fabulously wonderful stickers to put on your blog site and to lead others straight to your amazon wish-list!

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I sincerely hope you get your celestial sphere readjusted quickly! It might help were you to enter the BAFAB contest, which, were you to win it, would add a number of books to your to-be-read shelves. Check the site for details!


The road to heaven is not paved with books!

Dear Katherine,

You say that with such certainty! But where would we be without

The Gospel according to Matthew
The Gospel according to Mark
The Gospel According to Luke
The Gospel According to John

not to mention the works of myriads of Saints and Holy people.

No, the road to heaven may not be paved with books, but its berm is strewn with literature from those who love Him.



I am the Way and the Truth and the Life.

One cannot pave the way to heaven with one book, can one? Especially when the wayfarer is carrying and reading it.



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