Against the Neo-Malthusians

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An interesting text against birth control. I do not know its vintage, though it strikes me that much of the advise is incorrect and some of the physiology odd--so it may be turn of the century. (GSB is quoted--another clue.) It has this striking paragraph toward the end:

from Birth Control
Halliday G. Sutherland M.D.

There are thousands who know little of the Catholic or of any other faith, and thousands who believe the Catholic Church to be everything except what it is. These people have no infallible rule of faith and morals, and when confronted, as they now are, by a dangerous, insidious campaign in favour of birth control, they do not react consistently or at all. It was therefore thought advisable to issue this statement in defence of the position of the Catholic Church; but the reader should remember that the teaching of the Church on this matter is held by her members to be true, not merely because it agrees with the notions of all right-thinking men and women, not because it is in harmony with economic, statistical, social, and biological truth, but principally because they know this teaching to be an authoritative declaration of the law of God. The Ten Commandments have their pragmatic justification; they make for the good of the race; but the Christian obeys them as expressions of the Divine Will.

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(Had to dig for this, but I was curious . . .)

SUTHERLAND, Halliday Gibson, M.D. (1882-1960), Physician and Travel Writer, Birth Control: A Statement of Christian Doctrine against the Neo-Malthusians,(London, Harding & More Ltd., 1922).

Dear Marion,

Thank you very much for that. As I suspected early twentieth pub date--some of the details point to that, but a most interesting read regardless. Thanks for supplying the info.





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