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A quiz found at Dappled Things links one to a "political philosophy indicator." While it will come as absolutely no surprise to those who visit frequently, I think Mr. Cecil will be suitably shocked and chagrined (if he ever stops by any more) by these results.

#1 Liberal

#2 Conservative

#3 Neoconservative

#4 Radical

#5 Libertarian

#6 Centrist

#7 Paleoconservative

#8 Third Way

#9 Paleo-libertarian

#10 Left-libertarian

The juxtapositioning of Conservative against liberal comes from my general tendencies to economic liberalism with very strong socially conservative trends. (Although abolishing the death penalty and registering handguns--both of which I agree with, would both qualify for liberal causes. But I didn't rate the latter as a key issue, because while I'd like it to happen, I have certain sympathies with those who say it shouldn't.) Actually a lot of this may be a result of having my own very strong viewpoints, but being persuaded of the reason of the other side. In short--being generally mixed up.

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