Opening Your Eyes May Lead to Surprizes

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I have been to EPCOT hundreds of times. Yes, I'm one of those. I don't spend my time bemoaning the "disneyfication of culture." I leave that to people with far too much time on their hands. I love to walk around the parks and gardens and I love to watch the people here on vacation.

That's really kind of a side point. I was there this afternoon, and after lo! these many trips, I opened my eyes and what should I see but this lovely specimen of Dicksonia--a tree fern native to Australia and New Zealand and last of the remnant common on land several hundred million years ago--known variously (depending upon the part found) as Lepidodendron Sigillaria or Stigmaria.


Also present near the grand waterworks fountain, this flower. I don't know it's name--I'm not a botantist. But it spoke to me as I passed so I took its picture.


Also walking along, this stunning setting:

red carpet.jpg

and this, for those who have not ever been so fortunate--the fruiting structure of a banana:

Banana Fruiting Structure.jpg

But the Dicksonia really wowed me. I thought I had seen it all, but it all goes to show what can happen when you open your eyes.

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A seamless transition from A La Recherch du Temps Perdu to Epcot Center. Deliciously eclectic.

Steven, what beautiful photographs. I especially like the orange flower that "spoke" to you. Is it perhaps a member of the iris family? It certainly is a show-stopper, whatever it is.

Thanks for posting these!

Dear TSO,

Thank you. I like to think of the site as catholic in all the senses of that term.

Dear Marion,

Thank you so much for the kind comment. These pictures help me so much to see. I hope they will help others as well.

Don't know if it is an iris, although it does bear some resemblance to one. It seems to lack the overlappet or whatever that flower part is called. I'm going to have to learn more about what I am so visually attracted to. Ah well, life is filled with little hardships--I pray this may be my hardship for a long season.

Thanks again for your kindness.



I LOVE your comment about Epcot and enjoyed the park any time I could when I lived in Orlando. I have to appreciate it secretly however as my intellectual friends in Chicago don't agree. :)

Lovely photos, indeed. I believe that splendid flower is a canna lily ( I have a few much more ordinary specimins in my own yard, and admire them for their cheerful bright colors. Thank you for sharing your photographs.



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