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You might ask, why then, all of the sudden, the rush of pictures. You say, "We're not particularly interested in any more of your flowers or odd pictures." (I know you don't say it out loud, you're far too courteous for that--but it may cross your mind--sort of like, who wants to see your home movies?)

The use of the camera is to train my eye, and hence my mind to see again. In the ordinary business of life, my senses have become too dulled with duty and obligation to serve me the way they once did when I was young as a source of endless delight and novelty.

Yesterday, as I was walking around EPCOT, I must have looked like an absolute idiot, a grin a mile wide plastered on my face. As I looked for things to photograph for images and for "novelties" I saw a thousand new things for every one I actually took the time to photograph. Every flower is different in some subtle way, every arrangement of plants, every rock, every building, every ripple of water. And what is best of all, and you'll probably laugh, every one of them sings out joyfully of the Lord who created them all. Everything I see, every picture I take, every picture I don't take, every person I meet, I see God inviting me into a deeper conversation.

The camera has opened my eyes. It started as something to fill time and record events, and it rapidly became a way of focusing attention and really seeing things rather than just looking at them. The pictures may or may not be good--but the goodness lies beyond the lens in the God who has granted me so many things to see if I will just open my eyes. I have been invited to wander the world eyes wide open to see all that His creation offers and primarily what His creation sings about Him. I am so grateful.

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re: "You might ask, why then, all of the sudden, the rush of pictures. You say, 'We're not particularly interested in any more of your flowers or odd pictures.'"

Let me proffer a comment. Quite to the contrary, I think most of us would like to see more pictures of flowers, fruits and berries and such-like..... Surely, they are some of the most exquisite of God's vast creation. The quality of the picture, and learning the circumstance and reason it appealed to you is interesting, too. Yeah, I think pix are thought-provoking. Pictures are a great enhancement to a blog. Why, for example, just look at the girl glugging iced-tea on T.S.O'rama's blog! :)

I like the pictures.



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