Ordinary Miracles

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Who needs speaking, bleeding, or crying statues when you have these kinds of things around you every day? (To protect bandwidth, they are in the extended entry.)

Sandhill cranes mate for life. Beautiful and statuesque, these birds are often seen strutting down the middle of Florida roads. I'm not sure whether that amounts to bravery or stupidity.

Sunday_24_July_2005 068.jpg

In some parts of the world, wood storks are endangered. You wouldn't know it from living around here. Nearly as common as beach rats (sea gulls) these birds can be seen in the nearby fields and open spaces.

Sunday_24_July_2005 054.jpg

I didn't even see the little resident of this plant until I looked at the shots I had taken. With and without flash, the world is quite a different place for the lens.

Sunday_24_July_2005 050.jpg

Miracles are around us every day. Everything we see is sustained by God's breath, held together by God's grace, promoted by God's love, continued in God's mercy. We only need to learn to see. (Or more properly, I only need to learn to see.)

Note to Steven: 400 x 300 pixels.

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Sandhill cranes are also seen (by me) strutting down the middle of Florida golf courses. They make a lot of noise (in the middle of your backswing), like to fight each other, and are absolutely gorgeous.



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