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In a private communication one reader was surprised at how much I had liked Key West and how poetic I had waxed over it. Well, this little photo will give you a sense of why. That was the view from my hotel room. Three days after Dennis and sea and sky have returned to where they started. In other pictures the swirls of sea and sky reflect one another with the same apparent flatness. I cannot say enough about the water and its color. As soon as I can reasonably well capture it, I will likely substitute it for my background on this site. Problem has been that there has been no good way to capture it well.

Well, good night all.

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I loved the Key West photos. I was surprised to find when I visited Galveston with my husband's family many years ago that I absolutely love the ocean. Subsequent visits just reinforced that love. Your photos were so evocative of the experience of being near the sea that I could almost hear the waves and smell the salt. Of course, now I am ... "oceansick" shall we say? :-)

What beautiful photos, Steven. You certainly have the knack. My vote would be that you would post these more often.



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