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From the wonders of Manatees, Dolphins, Leatherbacks, Hawksbills, loons, alligators, tricolor herons. . .

From the turquoise of water that is beyond the description of water, water never meant to look like heaven and promising the gates thereof,

From bridges spanning mangrove islands filled with yet more gators, salt-water crocodiles, and a panoply of birds and animals you cannot begin to imagine. . .

from black bears and Flordia panther, from ghost orchid and spider lily and alligator glad,

To Saguaro, ocotillo, barrel cactus, and desert palms,

road runner, coyote, javelina, rattlesnake, and best of all (and I'm not joking her because I love them) scorpions,

from the humid to the dry.

In a single day I return from the wealth of Florida and emerge into the wealth of the desert. The sere beauty, the austere and lovely surroundings that allow for no miscalculation, no mistake.

I'm hoping that during this brief stay I will be able to take in San Xavier del Bac--aka "The White Dove of the Desert."

God is very, very good indeed and He has blessed me beyond blessing with the riches He has showered on me in the last few days. More later, but now, to enjoy the desert sunset--sure to be completely different from tht of the ocean, but enchanting, beautiful, wonderful all the same.

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