And some Flora and Scenes from the Desert

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My Javelina pictures did not come out as well as I would have liked and the Coyotes were downright dreadful. Got a lot of great spiny lizards, but figured you might enjoy these more.

Tucson_La_Paloma_Resort 020.jpg

Tucson_La_Paloma_Resort 019.jpg

And the lovely San Xavier del Bac, presently undergoing restoration.

San_Xavier_del_Bac 003.jpg

And to RC if he happens to drop by--I promise never, never, never to do this again. For one thing it is entirely too much effort--but I'll work really hard to reduce server strain.

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What a gorgeous church! And, just to be contrary, I wish there was just one spiny lizard photo (I find that sort of thing much more interesting than flowers) ...

Dear Julie,

Ah, but flowers are so much easier to get very good pictures of. They sit still (unless there is a breeze). I'll look to see if there is a photo not too blurry of such a critter. But I think you'll find ample reward below with only one flower and a tortoise, alligator, and some fish!



I am blown away by the beauty of these photos. I guess it shows the inadequacy of words, because I'm more impressed after seeing the pictures than even after your words of encomium. The picture of Key West from your hotel room could grace the cover of a magazine.

To switch from the natural world to theology, this suggests Pope Benedict knows what he's doing in including sacred art in the new Compendium to the Catechism.



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